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good saturday morning, everybody. news 4, meteorologist, chuck bell, here to give you your weekend forecast on your way out the door this saturday morning. all is dry out there. a little bit of sunshine getting through. 32 degrees downtown. 28, prince george's county. 29, loudoun county, virginia. 36, frederick county, maryland. forecast for today, plenty of sunshine. clouds on the way. high temperature this afternoon, 52 degrees with increascoast.
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about three or four storms in a row coming onshore. that's your weekend forecast. amy? >> thanks so much. still to come, she is a student at lind university and on a project when the earthquake struck. how she made it out of the rubble while her friends are still missing. after these messages. one that's changing the rules... that comes to you, even adapts to how you learn. where is it written that you can't change your life? it isn't written anywhere. it's good to be rewarded for your purchases. happily, membership rewards points from american express can be used for over a million things you want... and experiences you'll never forget.
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and because points don't expire you can keep them to use whenever you like. can your card say that? it's tough to reach that five servings a day if you don't always like the taste of vegetables. good thing v8 v-fusion juice gives you a serving of vegetables hidden by a serving of fruit. v8. what's your number? another take? revlon doubletwist mascara. a revolutionary 2-in-1 applicator that combines a thickening brush with separating combs for massive volume and remarkable definition. revlon doubletwist mascara. it's worth a double take. >> 20-year-old misty elliott arrived in haiti one day before the earthquake. it was part of a humanitarian
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project to help the people of haiti. she was trapped in the rubble beforing out. she is a long with her parents join us exclusively this morning. thank you for being here. what an ordeal. how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay. >> you have only been here for 24 hours or so back in the united states, but take us back. you had only been in the country for a day when the earthquake struck. where were you and what were you doing? >> we arrived on monday and did service work all day monday and all day tuesday and got back to the hotel. it was around 3:30 and all went our operate ways and did stuff. i was in the room when the earthquake struck. >> had you ever been in an earthquake before? what was it like? >> it was horrible. i walked out of the bathroom and everything was shake skpig ran to the bed and the floor dropped under my feet. >> within seconds you had a small opening?
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>> i had to through the room next to me and drop down to the ground floor and climb under the roof. >> how long did it take total? >> actually stayed in the room for a while because i was trying to find my cell phone. it was working over there and i couldn't find it. finally i saw white and i climbed out. >> can you take me back emotionally? how does your mind process something like that? >> i didn't realize it was an earthquake. i thought a bomb went off or something. i just tried to stay calm and i kept saying i can't believe this is happening. i knew i had to try to save myself. >> thankfully you did. you called your husband. i can't imagine as a parent what you were thinking. >> i had no idea how horrible it was. i was at my office working and i
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jumped in the car and started making pne calls. i still had not heard until i got home how terrible the earthquake was. my heart was down to my toes. it was a long hard drive home. >> michael, you rushed home as well? >> correct. >> what were you thinking until you heard from your daughter? you are imagining the worst. >> as soon as i got home, i turned the tvs on and i didn't realize the impact of everything happening. i contacted lynn university to try to get more information. they gave me a number to the state department and i did get through to them. the state department with credentials like her birth date and stuff like that and they put her on a national watch list. >> that are has to be so scare to make that phone call and give that information. then you got a text message from her.
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>> it was thursday morning. we landed in atlanta at the airport on the way to florida. i turned the cell phone on and as soon as we landed we were back on the phone. i opened it up and it was a strange number and it said i'm okay. i'm on my way to the dominican. i will call you later. love you. i was screaming she's alive! he's screaming she's alive. we were crying and the whole plane is screaming and clapping their hands. it was a million pounds off my shoulder: >> you have tears in your eyes just recalling that moment. >> it was a day i will never forget. what we had been going through trying to get information and figure out where she was at the time. we knew there was a group of eight students, but the reports that we were getting is there
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was only seven with melissa missing. with the support of family and friends and with coworkers, we couldn't give up hope. she was best friends and why she wasn't in the pockets. as things evolved and we got the text message up to atlanta, it was a miracle. we are still missing six of the 14 and we need to gethe people back and keep up the faith and hopes and prayers and continue to do whatever we can to get it back. >> you have to be incredibly worried about the friends you have who are missing. >> i want people to know
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anything they can do to help is grit. we want them to come back safely. >> we certainly are glad you were able to. the parents had to have one homecoming. we appreciate it. her parents as well. michael and lisa. thank you for coming. we appreciate it and glad you are back safe and sound. we'll be right back, but first this is on nbc.
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we will switch gears and meet three women who went on the ultimate ski trip to the south pole. but why? >> plus is your kitchen making you sick? we will explain, but first these messages. but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity.
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here comes the sun and the haze settling over mr. jefferson this morning. temperatures going up to the 50s today. good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. it's saturday, january 16th, 2010. in the news this morning, at 9:00 this morning, a baltimore-based naval hospital ship could be on its way to haiti. that's the plan. the ussn comfort will provide medical care. the ship is staffed with 900 doctors, nurses and technicians who can treat as many as 1,000 patients at a time. you can join in the relief efforts. make a donation to the red crosby calling 1-800 redoss. you can make a donation using your cell phone. text haiti to 90999. a $10 donation will be charged to your cell phone bill.
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you can also make a donation on line at visit our website to find a list of other legitimate organizations. head to once you are there, search help. you will also see a link in the middle of the page. meteorologist, chuck bell, will join us in just
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chuck bell updating your
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saturday forecast. nice and dry. 32 degrees, capital heights. 32 degrees, baltimore. 36, oldy, maryland. 29, falls church. morning sunshine. clouds are on their way back. the last of the mild days today. highs today, upper 40s to low and mid-50s. tomorrow, cloudy with rain likely. moderate and chilly. highs tomorrow in the upper 30s to low and mid-40s. get out and enjoy the sunshine. coming up today at 9:00 a.m., live reports from the health and fitness expo. it kicks off from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. admission is free. you will find free health screenings, demonstrations and plenty of family fun. you will even get to meet members of the news 4 team. more local news coming up in 25 minute we will have an hour and a half of news, weather and sports coming right up at 9:00. we hope to see you then.
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we are back on this saturday morning, january 16th, 2010 with a hearty crowd joining us and we thank them for being part of our day. i'm karl for lester holt as we makes his way into haiti. >> coming up in the next half hour, we will talk to women from six countries who traveled more than 560 miles in 38 days all to get to the south pole. it's the journey of a lifetime. we will meet them and ask them why in a few minutes. >> did you know every year that warehouse clubs bring in $25 billion? it's true. we buy all these things and are we making the right choices? we will talk about the best and
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worst buys you can make at a warehouse store that can save you money. >> who can eat that much corn in a can. did you see it? is your kitchen making you fat? let's blame the kitchen. there unwanted calories lurking in your kitchen and it's not just in your food. we will explain how to clear up that problem. >> we want to get a check on the weather from bill. hey, bill. >> a great crowd this morning. a lot of people are proud of their businesses. you are reservationists. >> we are jet blue and we are happy to announce that we sent a plain in with volunteers and supplies. >> you guys came from massachusetts today? how do you like new york? >> awesome. >> what's the best part? say right here. they won't say it. we have interesting weather out there and a storm system is kicking up with a lot of heavy
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rain and the west coast, a lot of clouds moved through. it's only getting worse in the days ahead. we will see the storm heading up the coast and the west coast staying active. it will look saturday into a good saturday morning, everyone. news 4 meteorologist, chuck bell, updating your saturday morning forecast. a live picture. plenty of blue skies overhead. a little bit of moisture stuck down in the boundary layer near the ground. 32 degrees in downtown washington. 31 degrees in germantown. 29, falls church. clouds back this afternoon. anywhere from northern new england and that's not bad for this time of year. we want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. who is this little? >> emma. she is months.
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>> hi! babies love the mikes. let's go back inside to amy. >> here is a road trip you don't hear about every day. seven women from all walks of decided the to ski through antarctica. 560 miles over 38 days in subzero temperatures. this morning, three of them are here in the heldative comfort of our studio to tell us about it. felicity, stephaniend era. felicity, you cofounded this project. 800 women applied to be a part and only seven made the trek. me what the purpose was and why was it so important some. >> i'm lucky enough to be a woman who has made my own choices and we are in the 21st century and a lot of women don't have that option. either through cultural, family or economic pressures.
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it was important to put together a group of women to highlight what women can and are doing in all areas of modern life and all kinds of industries. stephanie here is the first person from the country to ski to the south pole. not the first woman, the first person. that's a strong statement to make. >> that are is impressive. let me ask you. when it dips below freezing, we are all explaining. the temperatures are minus 15 to minus 20 degrees fahrenheit. how did you prepare yourself to brave the elements. why did you want to? >> i think we had really good kids. that's how we managed the temperature. when you ski, you don't really feel it that cold. you are exercising and you are producing heat. managing the temperature was the challenge. you couldn't sweat as much. >> i imagine there was not a lot
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of sweating going on. stephanie, this took 38 days. this was not just a couple of days. this was over a month. tell me about a typical day. sleeping, eating and showering. how did it work? >> there was not a lot of free time. wake up call was 6:30 and within an hour and a half you had to be dressed and eating breakfast. >> what kind of breakfast did you have? >> porridge. >> checking on that. >> that are might be the last time i do porridge, but you had to fix up any blister or wounds and bring down the tents and get ready and put the skis on. 10 hour skiing sessions and 1 1/2 hours each time with a 7-minute break. in the seven minutes you had to do whatever you needed. we are talking whatever. >> we get it.
8:36 am
>> get food in and hydrate and another 1 1/2 hours. a different personavigating. this was done because it's a great mental strain. >> we are hearing about the physical demands, but what about the emotional toll to pull it off. >> i feel like people forget the mental challenge. it's mo notinous and 10 hours for 38 days. can you remember what you were doing 38 days ago? it was a long time ago. you have to keep your mind busy and think of things to think about. it sounds easy, but after 38 days, it's quite a struggle. a real mental strength to keep going. >> you all made history. what does it feel like to be the 1st person from your country. >> amazing to represent my country. >> stephanie? >> the record is a bonus.
8:37 am
i think it was anyone's main reason for participating in the expe dig. we wanted to be part of it because of the ideology. the women promoting women into cultural underanding and diversity and tolerance and communication. they are important messages that the team wants to convey to the rest of the world. we can do it as women even though we have been tune into not getting out of our comfort zones that often. >> all the work that went into it. felicity, thanks for being with us. shopping at warehouse clubs and the best and worst coming up. first, these messages. doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function within 15 minutes. that's important to me because i know the two medicines in symbicort are beginning to treat my symptoms and helping me take control of my asthma.
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this morning, the best and worst buys at warehouse club. many us do at least part of our shopping at costcond sam's club. they can be a good deal, but only if you know what to buy and what not to buy. the best and worst ideas with lisa freeman. good to see you. these can be a great deal. you will save money, but it's hard to store some things. let's talk about what's easy to store and things you should be buying. >> certain things are great to stock up on. whether or not you have storage space, cereal will last a year. coffee a couple of years. >> a couple of years? >> in the can unopened. when you open it, keep it in the freezer. jams are a year or two. even after you open them, they last a while because sugar say natural preservatives. if you buy the kind without the added sugar, it doesn't last as
8:42 am
long. vegetables can last up to five years. you can really stock up. >> unopened. is there a way to store them to make sure they last longer? >> absolutely. you know how it said on the can or container store in a cool dark place and i will stick it up in the cabinet or the pantry, but if you have an oven or under cabinet lighting, that's a heat source. that may not be a great place. >> how about paper products? >> this is stuff people love to buy because it never goes bad. we sent price checkers to more than 100 stores and looked at prices at warehouse stores and wal-mart and super markets and these really are up to 50% less expensive than the other stores. it pays to buy things like paper towels and paper plates and reynolds wrap and drugs like advil. >> unless you live in manhattan. this would be a bet room. >> this could be a chair.
8:43 am
>> how about the worst? >> bottled sodas because they only last a few months versus canned. that's something a lot of people don't know. also rice. that will last until the next ice age, but brown rice has something in them that makes them -- oils that can make them rancid and only lasts 6 is months. obviously fruits and vegetables. butter, but four months in the freezer is about it. >> in the freezer and done? >> the food will change and the flavor will change. high acid foots just 18 months. that's tomato sauce and things like that. >> we're think we get a good deal, but some you don't save that much. >> absolutely. our price checkers found that coca-cola and ocean spray cranberry juice were about the same price as other stores. if you have a wal-mart, that's a better place to buy it. >> the frozen things, things in
8:44 am
the fezer will last forever. >> maybe you have a freezer in the garage and you think it will last forever. frozen meals only three to four months and then i loses its flavor. you won't get sick, but it won't taste so good. ice cream maybe just a month. >> the cube ones don't do a lot of good. >> you can only use the coupons at the super market and buy them on special. >> that's a good way to get the shopping at the clubs. up next, is your kitchen making you fat? we will reveal what's at the heart of y
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>> are now here's a question. is your kitchen making you fat.
8:47 am
i'm not talking about the 52 food, but things in your kitchen that may encourage to you eat more and in some cases weigh more than necessary. the executive editor of prevention is here with simple fixes. thanks for being with us. a lot of us have a resolution to lose weight. i can think of lots of excuses as to why i might be eating more. i never thought of blaming my kitchen. >> it's true. recent research of nutrition found that little factors like what glasses we use have a direct impact on how much we eat. simple tips can help you slim down. >> i will be honest, this is the size of my plate. that's not good. >> since 1970 our plates increased from 10 inches to 12 inches. eating on a smaller plate prevents us from taking too big of a portion and we can lose two pounds in a months. look at the difference in how big the portion looks. on the small plate it looks bigger. when your eye sees a portion
8:48 am
that looks too small, you top the eat more. >> more of a biscuit on this plate. >> place the main meat and the high calorie stuff on the salad plate and use the big plate for salad. >> which glass has more juice. >> which do you think? >> it looks like more, but i'm guessing this one. >> they have the same amount. studies show that when people pour into short glasses, they pour more because we ut height to figure out the portion. soda juice in the tall glass and use the short ones for water or calorie-free beverages. >> how about clutter? throwing your bills on the kitchen top. >> do you see any room for meal prep? you are more likely to order pizza or grab cookies. there is actually a cutting board under here that you can't see. we are more likely to make
8:49 am
unhealthy choices when the counter is not clear. >> designated places to eat. >> make it in your kitchen. separating eating out from other activities allows us to focus on the food and whether we are really full. when we are distracted, we eat 15% more. >> this seems like a no brainer, but eating family style is not good. >> we love family style in that we bond, but when there is a high calorie heaping bowl of cheesy pasta, we are more likely to have seconds and thirds. keep the pasta and the high calorie dishes on the stove and have people plate it there and leave the bowls of salad and vegetables on the table. you can pick at those. >> here's another i haven't thought of. you are against a clear cookie jar. >> definitely. when you see a treat, you actually feel hungrier for it.
8:50 am
>> when i walked in, i wanted one of these. that looks good. >> several people made that comment. your brain releases tope mean and you want the cookie. keep it in an opaque container. >> conversely in a clear jar or at least in the container, you want to put healthy food. >> we recommend a snack bucket to see the healthy foods front and center and put in portion-controlled treats like yog skpurt cheese sticks and fruit cups. if you choose the fruit over potato chips, you can climb down four pounds in six months. it adds up. >> we appreciate it. we'll be right back, but first these messages. it as fibromyalgia. d and then he recommended lyrica... fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia.
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and my sister passes on her jeans to me. what a life. [ female announcer ] tide stain release. stains out. no doubt. ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun. >> before we leave you, we want to check in with lester making his way to port-au-prince this morning. >> we lost you that last phone report. this is a cell phone video.
8:54 am
we crossed the border into haiti. a mass of truck there is with soldiers with masks on, but they were processing the vehicles as quickly as they could. a lot of vehicles coming in and out of haiti into the dominican republic to pick up supplies on this side of the border. the boarder is open and supplying are getting through. we hope to make it there in a few hours and see you tonight on nightly news. >> we look forward to seeing lester. >> that are does it for us on this saturday morning. our thanks to sam and bill. a lot more from ravage-torn haiti as relieve is beginning to make its way to the people. >> president obama is coming up on the first year in office. how would you grade him? we will find out when we see you tomorrow. >> have a good day.
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good morning. i'm kimberly suiters. here is a look at what we're working on. help for haiti. in the midst of all the chaos, help is on the way. we will have a live look at the medical ship leaving baltimore right now. a guilty plea from gilbert arenas in his gun case. could he still face prison time? wait until you see the kind of weapons he is accused of bringing into the verizon center. just moments away. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo is about to kick off at the washington convention center. we, doreen gentzler, will show us why you need to pay us a visit today. i'm meteorologist, chuck bell, whether you are going to go there today or tomorrow, we have weather to cooperate with us. those stories and much more
8:57 am
when "news4 today" begins in less than two minutes.
8:58 am
a race against time. countless victims, immeasurable devastation. this morning, a desperate search to find survivors still trapped under the rubble in haiti.
8:59 am
>> bottom line, the world dials 911, we answer the phone. >> more help on the way. the navy medical ship "comfort" poised to leave from baltimore as we speak. the critical supplies it is bringing. a future in jeopardy. gilbert arenas mak a deal and pleads guilty. will it save him from prison? the countdown is on. in just a matter of mouments, te nbc health and fitness expo will kick off live at the washington convention center. "news4 today" starts right now. good morning, everyone. welcome to the 9:00 edition of "news4 today." it is saturday, january 16th, 2010. i'm krl

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